Heineken five-litre kegs available for Christmas
December 13, 2013
Heineken five-litre kegs available for Christmas

For a limited time only, Coreas Hazells, the distributors of Heineken, is offering for sale, five-litre kegs, which Sales and Marketing manager Esworth “Ezzie” Roberts says would come in handy for the Christmas season.{{more}}

Roberts urged Heineken lovers to get a hold of one or more of these collectables while stocks last, at the Coreas Food Mart, where they are available in limited quantities.

“As soon as the stock is out at the supermarket, they are finished,” Roberts noted.

He revealed that the mini kegs contain the equivalent of 20 bottles of beer, and should be chilled for ten hours before serving.

“The beer can last up to 30 days after opening, and maintain the same high quality, so you don’t have to use the entire thing at once when it is opened.”

According to Roberts, the kegs can be used ideally as Christmas gifts, or for parties, or home use.

He said that the kegs are non-refillable.

“This is just another innovation by Heineken, as the brand maintains its position as one of the world’s most popular beers.

“Other innovations by Heineken include its special club bottles, designed for the night. These will be coming to our shores very soon,” Roberts said.