Fans picked Digicel’s Facebook and Twitter pages winners
December 13, 2013
Fans picked Digicel’s Facebook and Twitter pages winners

Being part of the social media set ups Facebook and Twitter has earned a number of Digicel customers early Christmas gifts.{{more}}

Marketing executive at Digicel Justin John said that from December 2 to 9, Digicel ran simultaneous promotions on their Facebook and Twitter pages where they encouraged current (Digicel) fans of both social sites to invite friends to join Digicel SVG Facebook and Twitter pages.

He said that Digicel asked persons to invite five friends to join Digicel SVG Facebook and Twitter pages and once the five friends joined, the askers had to email their name and the names of their five friends who joined to [email protected]

John said that after the emails were sent, the names of the persons who sent them were placed in a draw that was drawn on Tuesday, December 10.

“The random draw was conducted at the Digicel corporate office and Joel Veira was picked out of the pile as our Facebook winner, while Rasani Roberts was picked for our Twitter promotion”, said John.

Both men won themselves DL 700 smartphones (the newest Digicel device) with one month’s data, while the 10 friends who were referred won $20 credit each.

“Social media is a very important tool in our business. It serves as a form of customer service”, said John who added that Digicel was first to initiate a 24-hour customer service program.

‘From inception in St Vincent and the Grenadines some 10 years ago persons could call 100 at any time and speak to a customer service representative”, John explained, noting that since then Digicel has expanded its range of customer service resources to which Facebook and Twitter have become key.

“We encourage customers to join our social media pages where they will be in the know about our latest promotions, while they can also interact with Digicel reps and also take part in unique promotional giveaways such as this”, said John, who added that this particular promotion was a resounding success.