YPM announces plans for 2013 edition of ‘Christmas on Steel’
December 10, 2013
YPM announces plans for 2013 edition of ‘Christmas on Steel’

The Youlou Pan Movement has announced plans for the 2013 edition of “Christmas on Steel”.{{more}}

Christmas on Steel is the YPM’s annual Christmas concert and, according to a release from the Movement, it will be an epic event this year.

The highlight of Christmas on Steel this year is the YPM’s presentation of a mass steel orchestra. There will be six steel bands on display, each one delivering its own repertoire; but at the end of the evening, all six bands will come together as one and play together in harmony.

The music for the mass orchestra was arranged by Ashley Kirby, an established arranger, formally trained and outstanding in the steel pan arena, having produced a couple winning Panorama arrangements here in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Kirby has been visiting the bands and has been observing the rehearsals in order to ensure consistency. Prior to the actual performance of the YPM mass steel orchestra, all bands will meet to rehearse together. This project is something brand new to us, as it’s never been done here in St Vincent before and the Youlou Pan Movement is working assiduously to bring this magical experience home.

The six steel bands on showcase will be New Dimension out of Lowmans Windward, South East from Stubbs, Potential from Calliaqua, Sion Hill Euphonium, Starlift of Old Montrose and Symphonix of Questelles.

“Christmas on Steel is an opportunity for us, as a movement, to live out our motto, which is “Unite and Organize”. The mass steel orchestra project is certainly one that calls for us to organize ourselves in a structured way and join forces to make things work for the greater good.

“Christmas on Steel is also important to us as a movement, because it’s our way of giving back; it’s our way of saying thanks to the many sponsors of bands, donors/contributors to our operations throughout the year. We’ll never forget our patrons too who see us through, and on whose support we depend throughout the year.

“I’m really encouraging Vincentians from everywhere to come out to Christmas on Steel this year. It will be an epic event: sweet music, lots to eat and drink; great atmosphere to socialize and the good news is, there’s absolutely no entrance fee. Pan lovers can feel free to come and support their favourite band or favourite bands as the case may be; because in doing so, you’re supporting the Youlou Pan Movement and that’s exactly what we want,” said Marla Nanton, PRO of the Youlou Pan Movement.

Christmas on Steel will take place on Sunday, December 15 at the Solidarity in Action Inc car park, across from the Central Police Station in Kingstown. The activity will begin at 5:30 in the evening.