December 10, 2013
Escaped prisoner back in custody

A prisoner who had escaped from the Belle Isle Correctional Facility has turned himself in, under the escort of lawyer Grant Connell.{{more}}

Colly Lowman, address given as Georgetown, who was serving time for a wounding conviction, allegedly escaped custody while on farm duties, sometime on Friday, December 6.

The law officers were on the hunt for Lowman over the weekend, whom they considered to be armed and dangerous.

Yesterday afternoon, police told SEARCHLIGHT Lowman was back in police custody, having been brought in by Connell, who negotiated his return. This is not the first time that Connell has intervened on behalf of someone wanted by police.

In June this year, Connell accompanied Dwaine Sandy from Grenada, after Sandy was named as a suspect in the robbery of a postal worker of $100,000, and the shooting of police constable Julanie Jack. Sandy was later cleared by police.

The last prisoner to escape custody was Godwin Moses in 2011. He was shot dead by police one month later in the Mount Wynne area.(JJ)