Debson Cruickshank wins NTRC’s Facebook Q&A competition
December 10, 2013
Debson Cruickshank wins NTRC’s Facebook Q&A competition

Debson Cruickshank is the winner of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission’s (NTRC) Facebook question and answer competition.{{more}}

On Wednesday, December 4, Cruickshank collected a Kindle Fire HD as first prize for winning the competition, which ran for three months on the NTRC’s Facebook page.

Receiving his prize from the NTRC’s Universal Service Fund (USF) assistant Lizrene Charles, Cruickshank said that he is grateful to the NTRC for allowing him to own a Kindle just by using his knowledge of technology.

He said that he saw the competition advertised on his Facebook wall and decided to enter.

“This is my first tablet and I am looking forward to using it”, said Cruickshank.

Explaining the competition, Charles said that for three months, August, September and October, they placed questions on their Facebook page and the person with the best answer from each month was then asked a final question.

The person with the best answer from the final question, in this case Cruickshank, won.

August’s question read: What are the benefits of being able to study from home? September’s question read: How can electronic devices affect persons in school and in the workplace?

October’s question was: Which of the following devices would you prefer to own and why? A Blackberry, a Tablet or a Laptop?

Cruickshank was chosen as September’s winner and was one of three persons asked the final question: How can you use your new Kindle Fire to benefit you?

He answered, “I am currently unemployed; however, I work with youths in my community. I coach football and teach them life skills. Additionally, I tutor economics students at the tertiary level. The Kindle Fire will be very useful as I will be able to store essential information and videos that will, undoubtedly, be beneficial to my players and students. This will provide a visual aid which enhances the learning process. Moreover, it will be convenient to me as I would not be burdened with extra equipment and I will be able to cover several bases simultaneously with the Kindle Fire apps”.

Charles said that the NTRC will continue to hold competitions of this nature in their continued effort to sensitize persons about the NTRC’s functions.