December 3, 2013
Parents, Early Childhood practitioners informed on impact of child abuse

A number of parents and Early Childhood practitioners benefited from a Parenting Workshop last week.{{more}}

The workshop, dubbed “Good Touch, Bad Touch,” focussed on what constitutes good and bad touches, as well as good and bad secrets. This workshop offered support to the “Break the Silence Campaign”, one geared at heightening awareness of the many child abuse issues that confront children on a daily basis.

Good Touch Bad Touch was conceptualized by the Early Childhood Department in the Ministry of Education and was sponsored by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) secretariat, with technical support from UNICEF. It was held on Thursday, November 28 at the VINSAVE conference room.

The objectives of this workshop were to: promote awareness about the long term impact of child abuse; provide current information about the protection of small children; and enhance parenting skills in the field of positive child rearing.