December 3, 2013
BCCU to celebrate 55th anniversary

The Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union (BCCU) is celebrating its 55th anniversary under the theme, “55 and still alive”.{{more}}

A week of activities is scheduled to highlight the occasion. On Sunday December 8, the credit union will journey to the New Testament Church at Rose Hall for a church service, in the process, showing appreciation to customers in the Rose Hall area.. On Monday, December 9, they will have a fitness walk from the Keartons playing field, to Peters Hope and back. On Tuesday, December 10, school visits will be conducted. On the morning of Wednesday, December 11, BCCU will showcase appreciation for their customers through a customer appreciation day. On Thursday, December 12, BCCU will celebrate its 55th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, they will convene a celebration ceremony at the premises of the Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union (BCCU), at 5 p.m.