Glasgow called to the Bar
November 29, 2013
Glasgow called to the Bar

Keah Glasgow, the newest member of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Bar wants to the other young people in the country to know that they should never give up.{{more}}

“We, as young people, need to wait and take things in stride and accept that some disappointments are for the best and some of God’s unanswered prayers are actually benefitting,” Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT.

Glasgow told a story about how she always wanted to be a lawyer, but was unsuccessful in her first attempt in 2000, but finally achieved her dream.

She was officially admitted to the local bar last Friday.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle granted her acceptance into the legal family after a proposal was put by Stephen Huggins and seconded by Andrew Cummings, QC.

“I am extremely happy and I am feeling very blessed. I always wanted to be an attorney,” she said.

“It is just an overwhelming feeling that I have because nothing good comes easy,” Glasgow continued.

She said that she wants to specialize in the area of mediation — having already completed phase one of a mediation course in Trinidad and Tobago.

“The hope is to become a certified mediator, where instead of going to court and taking matters to court, we can actually sit around a table and come to an agreement instead of wasting the court’s time; it is actually cheaper.”

According to Glasgow, becoming a lawyer is not all about money.

“It’s about being able to help others and to have the best interest for my clients and to be able to come to a compromise in a quick, inexpensive form.”

Justice Bruce-Lyle commended the young Glasgow on her accomplishments thus far and encouraged her to not limit herself to St Vincent and the Grenadines solely.

She, however, said that it is her intention to give something back to the place that had given her so much.

Glasgow attended the Hugh Wooding Law School where she obtained her Legal Education Certificate.

The former Girls’ High School student graduated from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, and the University of Euclid, USA, where she obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs. She is currently employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as administrative/protocol officer. (DD)