Youth loses life on way to visit mother
November 22, 2013
Youth loses life on way to visit mother

Asbourn Simon, the young man who lost his life in an accident on the Belmont public road last Sunday, was on his way to visit his mother when he died.{{more}}

Asbourn’s mother Ganelia Simon told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that her son was travelling on his bicycle from Victoria Village, where he resided with his grandmother, to Fairbaine Pasture where she lives.

“He was just coming to bring something to me,” she said.

Simon said she was at home when someone called and told her that a vehicle had knocked her son off his bicycle.

“I thought was his younger brother because he had not too long left the yard and went down the road on his bike. So, I went on the scene and found out it was Asbourn and not my younger son. When I was on the scene, I saw the car and where the bike was on the bank side of the road.

“I went home, changed my clothes and went to the hospital. When I got there, I met a guy and he carried me to see the doctor and he told me to sit.

“The doctor asked if anyone had told me anything before I got to the hospital and I said no. Then he said to me ‘marm I am very sorry to inform you that your son was pronounced dead when he got here’,” the mother recalled.

Simon described her son as a quiet individual.

She said Asbourn had recently gained employment as an electrician after graduating from the A Ganar programme.

Asbourn received his certificate only last Thursday during the A Ganar graduation ceremony that was held at the Peace Memorial Hall.

“He did part-time electrical work before I got him into Marion House to do the A Ganar programme. While attending the programme, he was on attachment with Qualities Electrical Service Ltd. After he had completed the attachment, they took him on full-time and he started the beginning of this month,” the woman revealed.

“It’s such an unfortunate incident…” she added.

Simon said funeral arrangements are being made to have Asbourn buried on December 1.

Asbourn Simon became this country’s seventh road fatality when his bicycle collided with a car along the Belmont public road on Sunday.

According to police reports, the car, PU 884, was driven by Jadese Francis of Richland Park.

Reports are that both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions when they collided head-on around 12:20 p.m. that day.

Asbourn sustained injuries about his body and was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. (AA)