Who will compensate me?
November 22, 2013
Who will compensate me?

Orange Hill resident Georgiana “Blackie” Edwards is asking who will compensate her for the losses she incurred in a house fire that was set by two teenagers.{{more}}

The 33-year-old mother of two told SEARCHLIGHT that the fire, which took place on November 13, damaged her home and destroyed important documents and all her clothes and those of her children.

“I don’t have anything. It’s my neighbour who gave me some clothes to put on and all my children clothes were in the same room. They burned too. So now, none of us have clothing. All of my documents burnt in that fire. Everything; I lost every important piece of document and my children’s stuff,” she said.

Edwards said she and her two children, son Aaden, 11 months and daughter Adrianna, four years old, were not at home at the time of the fire. She said they were at her mother’s house at Magum, when her sister-in-law called and informed that her house was on fire.

“My mother recently had an eye surgery and lives alone. So my husband, who lives in Canada and I spoke about two weeks ago, and he told me to let someone stay in our house and I must stay with my mother until. So, that’s why I was not at home,” Edwards explained.

She said a family friend was left in charge of the house. That individual, who sleeps at the house, had just turned on lights in the house and gone down the road before the fire started.

“The gentleman left and went down the road to lime and while he was down there, he said when he looked up, he saw smoke coming from the house.

“Then when I there on the scene, I found out that it was two little boys who went in my house, eat out the food stuff out the fridge, then set the mattress on fire in the bedroom,” Edwards revealed. She said the boys confessed to starting the fire, as well as eating the food from her refrigerator.

The boys, ages 13 and 14, were arrested by police and taken to the Georgetown police station the same evening of the fire.

The two appeared at the magistrate’s court in Georgetown on November 19 and were placed on curfew.

“It’s real sad, because they are young and what reasons do they have breaking into my house and burn my bedroom. I’m so frustrated and it’s like I’m not getting the help I need. My husband is over in Canada and he can’t even talk much about it, because he so upset.

“Yes, they are young and the court ruling is final, but who is going to compensate me?

“How am I going to get back my things?” the frustrated woman asked.

“Now, we have to start over. My children lost all their clothes. Our land deed, the house deed, my passport and other important documents, all gone up in flames by the hands of these two youngsters,” Edwards further stated. (AA)