November 22, 2013
SVG Reparations Committee for discussion at Mespo

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Reparations Committee will be hosted later this month in Marriaqua, for what is being dubbed “The Reparations Education Discussion”.{{more}}

The event is being organized in collaboration with the Interior Zone Commu­nity Organisation (IZCO) of Marriaqua, headed by Nigel Morgan. It is scheduled for the Marriaqua Community Centre on Thursday, November 28.

Residents of Marriaqua and surrounding areas, and by extension the general public, are invited to attend the session.

Presentations will come from members of the SVG Reparations Committee including: Pastor George Frederick, who will give a general overview of Repa­ration; Marlon Stevenson, who will focus on the Garifuna Struggle and chairman of the SVG Reparations Committee Jomo Thomas who will speak about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Following these presentations, the floor will be open for general discussion. A cultural performance will come from Resistance Heartbeat Drummers.

Following the regional conference in September, the SVG Reparations Committee is on a quest to fulfill its education objective and will be involved in other similar discussions around the country in the weeks and months to come. The object is to ensure that as many Vincentians as possible are aware of the meaning of reparation; that they understand why there must be reparations; and generally to have the support of the country in the fight for reparations.

It is also the general goal of the SVG Reparations Committee to ensure that, if nothing else comes out of this fight, that Vincentians are better educated and aware of who they are.

The Marriaqua Repara­tions Education Discussion is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.