SVG exports over 16,000 pounds of fish to NY
November 22, 2013
SVG exports over 16,000 pounds of fish to NY

After a drought of two decades, a container of 16,000 lbs of fish, sourced from the Grenadine islands of Bequia, Canouan and Union, left this country, destined for the United States market.{{more}}

The shipment was made possible following negotiations held three months ago between the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Oren Tucker, owner of Food Savers located in Brooklyn, New York.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Saboto Caesar, addressing members of the media at a press briefing on Wednesday, described the venture as a welcome relief for members of the fishing community.

He also noted that his ministry, through the government, continues to ensure that markets are created for the fisherfolk here.

“We as a government, as a ministry, are continuing to look for new markets for our farmers and fisherfolk and we are seeing where in three months, our marketing efforts in the United States of America and our working with the fisherfolk in the Grenadines and in different areas of St Vincent are bearing significant fruits,” the minister said.

Although none of the fish exported to the United States was from the mainland, Caesar said the opportunity remains open to fisherfolk from St Vincent.

“This programme started with a series of consultations in the Grenadines. We had meetings in Bequia, we had meetings in Canouan, in Union Island and we also had meetings in Calliaqua, Owia and Barrouallie.

“However, there was a specific requirement as it relates to the type of fish requested and most of those fish were caught in the Grenadines,” he added.

The species exported were: Red Hind, Butter Fish (Coney), Grunt, Barracuda, Parrot fish, Snapper, Old Wife and Cavalli (Greenback).

The shipment will be transported by Tropical Shipping to Miami and then trucked up to New York.(AA)