Prosecutor threatens to sue lawyer over statement
November 22, 2013
Prosecutor threatens to sue lawyer over statement

Prosecutor at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Glenford Gregg says he intends to sue lawyer Sylvester Raymond Cadette for comments made in the court on Tuesday. {{more}}

Gregg told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that he is going to take action against the attorney for saying that he is unfair.

During a sitting of the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, Raymond Cadette claimed that Gregg had withdrawn a charge of handling stolen items, which had been brought against his client Judy Baptiste.

Gregg, however, denied that the charge had been withdrawn.

“She was charged with two guys who were convicted, now you tell me she is charged for stealing property and handling it?” Raymond Cadette asked.

Baptiste had been charged with handling stolen items in a case involving Jason Williams, 24 and Dennis Richardson, 20.

On November 4, the two young men were sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of burglary between August 16 and 17 this year.

“It (the charge) was withdrawn by the prosecution,” the lawyer said.

“The case was such that they were going to withdraw and put my client as a witness,” he continued.

At this point, Gregg interrupted and denied the allegation being made by the lawyer, saying that he never had such a conversation with Raymond Cadette.

“You did not tell me you are going to use her as witness?” Cadette questioned.

“No counsel,” Gregg responded.

Cadette, who was at this point on his feet and speaking at the top of his voice, once again accused the prosecutor of saying that the charge was going to be dropped.

“You self told me,” Raymond Cadette stated.

“Look what you doing to poor people. I came in through that door and the man (Gregg) told me I am going to use your client against the same people she is charged with,” the lawyer said.

Raymond Cadette then said that he was withdrawing himself from the case and that Baptiste should be given some time to find another lawyer.

Just before walking out of the court, Cadette said “You all are too unfair.”

He then turned to ASP Gregg saying that he had lost all respect for him.

“You, I lose all respect for you – I have lost all my respect for him,” Cadette said.

When contacted however, Raymond Cadette reaffirmed his position.

“… My comments in court, what does that have to do with him?” he told SEARCHLIGHT.

“He is the prosecutor and he told me that he is going to use my client as a witness for the crown.”

And having used his client as a witness, Raymond Cadette said that the prosecutor told him that all charges against her would be dropped.

He said that in his opinion, Gregg was weak.

“I have made my comment in court, let him go and prosecute…he does not understand the law.”

“How can a prosecutor tell a man, he is not going to prosecute but use as a witness and when they already give the statements on the side of the crown, you are going to use back that same thing to prosecute the person?” Raymond Cadette asked.

“Gregg can’t sue, what Gregg going to sue me for? What I said in court?”

According to the attorney, the prosecutor used his client hoping that the evidence she gave would betray herself and the other parties involved.

“She said she did not know these guys and now he is going to bring back evidence to take revenge,” Cadette said.

“… if he had known his law he would have known that when you withdraw charges from somebody and they give evidence, you cannot come back and charge that person for the crime in which the person gave evidence.”

“The man is lying, I tell you straight — the man is lying. He can do what he wants, sue me in court? He will just embarrass himself.”

“He better learn his law, if he is weak in his prosecution, let him go and learn his law,” Cadette said. (DD)