Man dies after falling out of tree at Mespo
November 22, 2013
Man dies after falling out of tree at Mespo

Eighty-three-year-old Eldica Gaymes says that she does not intend to hide her deceased son’s faults.{{more}}

She spoke to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday, one day after her 42-year-old son Jason Gaymes, of Glenside Mesopotamia, succumbed to the injuries he sustained after falling from a breadfruit tree in the Marriaqua Valley.

She admitted to her son’s drug use.

“He use to break me house an’ tek me tings an’ sell dem,” the woman said.

“Sometimes, somebody would send him on errands, he will tek de money and gone – all dem tings dey.”

The elderly woman said that she constantly feared for her son’s life and that someone would kill him.

And while the details of what led to Jason’s death are not fully known, Eldica said that based on the information she received, before he died, her son explained that he had already picked some breadfruit and placed the bag over his shoulder and as he was making his way down from the tree, he lost his grip and fell.

She said that when Jason was asked if anyone was responsible for his fall, he responded no.

The incident occurred sometime on Monday evening, Eldica said.

She explained that her son was discovered after some time, by a passerby who found him lying on the ground.

Eventually, the police were summoned and he was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

Jason would die some time after, as a result of the injuries.

Up to Wednesday morning, Eldica said that she was busy trying to organize the autopsy results. She also said that she was trying to cope with the tragic news.

“Ah tryin’ to cope, ah have to; he already dead an’ gone, ah can’t mope behind him,” she said.

The next move was to make funeral arrangements.

“Ah hah to try to bury me son – he was a bad boy, everybody know him to be ah bad boy,” she said. (DD)