SVGTA pushing country as diving destination
November 19, 2013
SVGTA pushing country as diving destination

Branding St Vincent and the Grenadines as a diverse diving destination is one of the things that are at the top of the SVG Tourism Authority’s (SVGTA) to-do list.{{more}}

Glen Beache, chief executive officer of the SVGTA, revealed this yesterday, while speaking at a press conference.

According to Beache, many professional divers have noted that St Vincent and the Grenadines have some of the best diving experiences to offer.

“When you speak to many of the professional divers who we brought down, they make it clear it’s some of the best diving they’ve ever seen and some of the most diverse diving they’ve ever seen, because, of course, we have the volcanic island that is St Vincent and then going down, the Grenadines …where you have …your sharks, your whales, dolphins and you dive with all of those sort of animals,” Beache said.

“We have some very unique critters throughout our destination. It’s something we’re looking to rebrand and get out that we have a very diverse diving destination”.

In addition, the CEO highlighted that the country has been featured in several diving magazines internationally.

He noted that being featured in magazines such as “Dive Travelers 2014” and “Sports Diver” shows that “people are starting to take notice of us”.

Beache is particularly happy to have St Vincent and the Grenadines featured in “The World’s Best Diving,” which was published by “Divers and Resorts” magazine and highlights the country to have some of the best diving opportunities for 2014.

“We’re happy about this. The diving market is not that easy and I think sometimes that people don’t understand what it takes; but not only that; how much it can contribute to the economy,” the CEO said.

Furthermore, Beache, who has dived multiple times, revealed that the SVGTA hopes to educate the Vincentian public about diving.

He described underwater diving as “a world apart” where one can “get to see unique things”. Beache encouraged more persons to become certified divers, something he hopes to achieve by the end of 2013.(BK)