Lowmans Bay Storage, Distribution Plant to be completed early 2014
November 19, 2013
Lowmans Bay Storage, Distribution Plant to be completed early 2014

Work is progressing well with the Lowmans Bay Storage and Distribution Plant, which is expected to be completed by early next year.{{more}}

During a visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines last Wednesday, officials from ALBA (The Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) and PetroCaribe were given a tour of the site in Lowmans Bay, which is said to be 75 per cent complete.

Luis Alverez, President of PDV and Executive Secretary of ALBA told local media that he hopes that the project would be completed by early next year, so that the various stakeholders could move on to other projects.

“This is going to be the starting point of a situation that will allow us to explore different kinds of projects between PetroCaribe and St Vincent.

“This should be finished by the first part of next year, so if we move rapidly we could have this done, we hope to be coming back to inaugurate fully this facility.”

Site inspector Neal Jack informed the media that the facility was three quarters complete, with the erection of the last of six storage tanks, and construction of the administrative building still to be completed.

When the project is completed, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and LPG (cooking gas) will be stored at and distributed from the facility.

Jack said that the site can store up to 35,000 barrels of fuel.

The tour party, which also included the Venezuelan Ambassador at Large to the Caribbean Raul Seles, Minister of Foreign Affairs Camillo Gonsalves and other top officials, also visited the Buccament Bay Resort, as well as Mount Wynne, which has been earmarked for a major tourism project. (JJ)