Dickson to run on NDP ticket for South Windward
November 19, 2013

Dickson to run on NDP ticket for South Windward

The candidate for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the South Windward constituency was launched last Saturday.{{more}}

According to a press release from the NDP, “South Windward will do well with Noel” echoed throughout Biabou on Saturday, when banker and part-time University of the West Indies Open Campus lecturer Noel Dickson was introduced to constituents as the new representative of the area.

The release said that former representative for South Windward Burton Williams endorsed Dickson, who was presented with a bouquet of flowers by a former Unity Labour Party (ULP) supporter “whose chants and jubilation were mirrored by the spontaneous dancing and exclamations from the crowd”.

Additionally, the release stated that in Dickson’s address, he described himself as a man with “a trained mind and a heart for the people” and outlined his “ambitious and thoughtful” plans to rejuvenate the constituency, in keeping with the NDP’s plan for improved employment, infrastructure, health care, education and agriculture.

At the event, the NDP outlined its reasons why the people of the constituency were ready for a change.

Representative for North Windward Roland “Patel” Matthews was the master of ceremonies. The release said that his “thought-provoking commentary” set the background for speeches from other members of the NDP platform, which included local speakers, parliamentarians and other candidates.

The NDP’s slate of candidates for the next general election is now settled, ahead of the Party’s annual convention, which will be held on Sunday, November 24, at its headquarters at Murray Road.