South Korea donates US$75,000 and books
November 15, 2013
South Korea donates US$75,000 and books

The ministries of education and health were this week beneficiaries of gifts from South Korea.{{more}}

Books on South Korean culture and customs were handed over to the Ministry of Education for use at the National Public Library in Kingstown, and a cheque for US$75,000 was presented to the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, for the development of health care in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The presentations, made by Ambassador of South Korea to St Vincent and the Grenadines Wonkun Hwang, were held at the Foreign Affairs conference room on Tuesday this week.

On presenting the books and cheque, Ambassador Hwang said that the gesture was part of his government’s international policy of contributing to global happiness.

“As we all know very well, the mutual understanding and interest between our two peoples will certainly serve as the very basis on which our future friendship and cooperation will be further deepened and extended.

“I honestly hope that this equipment would promote not only good health, but also happiness among our fellow Vincentians, because as you know, good health is the key of our happy lives… and I hope these books will be instrumental to the Vincentians’ understanding of Korean culture, Korean people and Korean society… and will contribute to promoting our bilateral relations in the future,” Hwang said.

Minister of Health Clayton Burgin, speaking at the handover, thanked the ambassador for the contribution, which he said would boost the ongoing initiatives being undertaken in the ministry.

“This contribution will add to the development of the maternity ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and also to the improvement of the dental services unit at the very facility,” the minister pointed out.

“The Milton Cato Memorial Hospital will also receive an additional upgrade of the operating theatre, the female surgical wing, and the maternity B wing, with work scheduled to begin in the next year….

“In addition, the paediatric unit is currently being refurbished through a project designed to provide specialized and modern equipment and training for doctors and nurses in the neo natal intensive care unit..

“It is usually said that the health of a nation is the wealth of that nation, and so this and other contributions to this country, by the government and people of South Korea must be seen as a contribution towards the long term wealth and development of our blessed land.”

Michelle King, director of Libraries in the Ministry of Education, also thanked the ambassador for the contribution of books, which she said would be lodged in the adult and reference section of the library, and would be made available to expose Vincentians to Korean culture.

“Researchers and students who are interested about learning more about Asia will find the material very informative and exciting, as the primary purpose of the national library is to provide access to a wide and varied range of knowledge ideas and opinions.

“At this time when the world is saturated with new technology and the media, books are still the best access to knowledge,” King stated.

Foreign Minister Camillo Gonsalves noted that relations between St Vincent and the Grenadines and South Korea have warmed in recent times, and that this country was appreciative of the revitalization of the bond.

“Last year South Korea made a donation of over US $150,000 in assistance that bought servers, a number of desktop computers and vehicles … and Korea has clearly demonstrated its willingness to engage and its understanding of the development struggles of the region.

“We are very grateful for your presence, your assistance, and we hope that it is a harbinger for future cooperation and assistance both in terms of grants and culture and trade, and that we will ever strengthen the bonds between Korea and St Vincent and the Grenadines,” Gonsalves said.