Lodge Village Government School wins recycling competition
November 15, 2013
Lodge Village Government School wins recycling competition

Children at the Lodge Village Government School have contributed significantly to keeping St Vincent and the Grenadines clean, with the removal of some 59,822 plastic bottles from the environment.{{more}}

On Wednesday, November 13, the school was rewarded for winning the third All Islands Recycling Inc (AIR Inc) recycling competition dubbed “On Your Marks! Get Set! RECYCLE!” The third installment of the competition began on Monday, May 6, 2013.

The Lodge Village Government School managed to dethrone two-time winners, the Kingstown Anglican School, who, this time around had to settle for second place, having collected 9,028 bottles.

In third place was the Windsor Primary School with 5,860 bottles.

For winning, the school collected EC$1,500, while they were paid EC$5,314 for the bottles collected, bringing their winnings to some EC$6,814.

The Kingstown Anglican School got EC$1,000 for placing second and EC$818 for their bottles, while the Windsor Primary School received EC$500 for placing third and EC$533 for their bottles.

Principal of the Lodge Village Government School June Russell said that they are very grateful to have won the much needed money.

“I think that St Vincent is much cleaner because we used to see a lot of bottles in the rivers, drains and in the school and all over town, but now it’s cleaner and we want to thank you for that. We promise that we are going to come first again”, said Russell.

Russell also stressed that two students, Grade Three student Khadaijha Barker and Grade Five student Erron Moses were instrumental in helping the school gain victory. She said that Khadaijha’s grandfather Tyrone Barrow, through his daughter, brought at least 25,000 of these bottles, while Erron’s mom and other family members also contributed a significant number.

An internal school competition also helped bring up the school’s tally.

“So many things we need money for, but we have not decided as yet what we will use the money for”, said Russell, who added that the things that the money can be spent on include fixing the school yard, fixing the school windows or installing an intercom.

“Those are some of the things that we are looking at. We will need more money, so we will win again”, said Russell.

Dwight Hillocks of AIR Inc said that this time, 16 schools participated and the Lodge Village School doubled the number of bottles collected since the competition started.

“Every school will be looking at you and trying to beat you, so it is up to you to try to maintain your position. You have done a good thing and not only are you protecting the environment, you are educating the adults by going home and telling mommy and daddy to separate recyclables to help your school out. Keep doing the good work; we are proud of you”, said Hillocks.

General Manager at AIR Inc Mary Jocelyn congratulated Lodge Village and stressed that the initiative is an extremely good one, as it teaches children about the importance of recycling.

“This is good in that children who gather bottles help to show us adults that we should not litter. I hope that you keep it up”, said Jocelyn.

AIR Inc’s recycling competition (‘On Your Marks! Get Set! RECYCLE!’) involves the placement of recyclable aluminum cans and plastic bottles in specially marked AIR Inc containers that are placed on the compounds of participating schools.

The school collecting the most cans or bottles at the end of the competition wins.

The Anglican School won the competition when it was first held in 2012 and in again April 2013.

Schools not placing in the top three will receive payments ranging from $114 to $515 for the collection of bottles.