Family urges witnesses who saw accident to come forward
November 12, 2013
Family urges witnesses who saw accident to come forward

Anyone with information relating to the accident which occurred last week Tuesday at New Montrose, when a motorcycle collided with a passenger van, is being asked to come forward to the police.{{more}}

This is the request coming from family members of 67-year-old Reynold Scotland of Glamorgan, who was riding the motorcycle.

Marshant Scotland, daughter of Reynold, told SEARCHLIGHT on Friday that her father is showing some signs of recovery.

“He is responding now; he is awake, he recognizes persons,” she said.

But although things are looking up for the Scotland family and Reynold is speaking, he is not doing so strongly because of the medication.

She said that her father sustained injuries about the head, a broken right leg and that there was some swelling around his face.

The good news, however, is that he does not require any further medical attention, nor would he require medical attention abroad.

Right now, they want answers she said.

“Right now, we are trying to get answers, of what really happened,” Marshant said, adding that because of the condition that her father is in, it is difficult for him to give an account of what took place.

“If we can get information from persons who saw what happened, that will be appreciated,” she continued.

She said that the motorcycle has been her father’s main mode of transportation for over 40 years.

“That is what he uses as transport to and from work,” she said.

“Long before I was born.”

She also described her father as a family man. (DD)