November 8, 2013

Man says he forgives men charged with killing his brother

Teelon Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT this week that he has forgiven the men charged with murdering his older brother Horsand Neville Glasgow on the Grenadine island of Canouan last weekend.{{more}}

Teelon is making an appeal for young men to put down their weapons and learn to walk away.

“I can’t talk for others. I only can speak from my point of view. I forgive the young men…, and I hope that justice is served… revenge is not all of it. I pray that young men would put down the gun and cutlass….”

26-year-old Horsand, a construction worker of Redemption Sharpes, was allegedly attacked while he slept in the porch of a house in the community of Balance, some time after 11 p.m.

He was rushed to the Canouan clinic, where he died from chop wounds to his neck, legs, and arms.

Teelon refutes claims that his brother had been in an altercation earlier, and believes he may have been mistaken for someone else, hence the reason he was killed.

A soon to be inducted member of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Auxiliary, Teelon said he was informed of his brother’s death Saturday morning, while he was at his father’s home.

He was called by his sister who lives on Canouan.

“I stayed over and at about after one my sister call me and she was crying and I ask she what she crying for, and I ask she what happen, and she tell me he dead.

“She tell me she dey home and she hear he cry out “O God”, and when she go over she see him in blood and then she call my big brother who also work down there with the same company.

“Three of them carry him hospital and I was told when he reach hospital is when he died.”

Teelon told SEARCHLIGHT that the entire family is having a hard time facing the fact that Horsand, the third of six children for his parents, was no more.

He described his brother as his best friend, with whom he had a close bond, and would share ideas and advice.

Teelon also said that his brother was soon to be a father, as his girlfriend is pregnant.

A calm and collected Teelon said that he continues to struggle with the death of his brother, but believes that his faith in God will see him through the hurt and pain.

“It don’t have a night I don’t think of my brother. I start questioning God, wondering where he was when they been murdering my brother.

“It’s unfair to see a brother trying to make it out in life and trying to help out his family and stuff like that, and somebody just come and take his life like that.

“If I wasn’t a Christian, I wouldn’t have forgiven them.

“In the old part of the Bible it stated an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but Jesus change that and as a Christian, the Bible speaks about forgiveness…” a grieving Teelon said. (JJ)