Land Registry being digitalized – PM
November 8, 2013
Land Registry being digitalized – PM

The St Vincent and the Grenadines land registry is currently being digitized.{{more}}

During a tour of the new premises of the civil registry, which was previously housed in the High Court building, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves stated that the registry has begun digitalizing deeds.

“What the registry is doing in relation to the deeds, they’re going from 1950 coming forward and putting them on the modern information system by digitalizing them,” he said.

“They started from 1950 and also from the current and go back. They’ve reached about 1970 from 1950, and they’ve reached 2004 thereabout from the current. The reason why you start at 1950 is that you need a good 60 years, so that the lawyers would normally have a sound root of title”.

Gonsalves also indicated that once the current process is finished, the registry will proceed to enter data that comes before 1950.

“So, you’ll have the deeds, not like how you have them in the search room at the moment with the…they’re dog-eared and pages are torn and so on and so forth,” the Prime Minister said.

Under the Organization of American States Civil Identity Programme for the Americas (PUICA), the civil registry in St Vincent and the Grenadines was able to scan a full 100 per cent of 468 ledgers from September to December of 2011 and June to December of 2012, a total of 120,320 pages containing 614,200 birth, death, marriage, adoption and legitimization records.(BK)