Elderly man surprised by bill at Grenadines restaurant
November 8, 2013

Elderly man surprised by bill at Grenadines restaurant

A man who once held a SVG diplomatic passport has declared that exorbitant prices at a restaurant in the Grenadines will deter tourists from visiting that island.{{more}}

Reuben Morgan told SEARCHLIGHT that he visited Pirate Cove bar on the grenadine island of Canouan where he paid a total of EC$172.84 for two servings of fish fingers and chips and two glasses of fruit punch.

“Two Fridays ago we went to Canouan on the fast ferry. It was around 5 o clock; we went to get some food to eat at this restaurant,” Morgan said, while showing his receipt.

“We ordered fish fingers and chips and the mistake I make, I didn’t ask them how much it would cost me, but I figured maybe 25, 30 dollars and when they brought the bill they told me US$66 and I nearly drop. 172 dollars I paid them and the food was enough for a five-year-old kid …could have eaten it off…and two glasses of fruit juice”.

Morgan, who resides in Canada, stated that after he saw his bill, he told his server that while he can refuse to pay, he will pay the bill.

“I told them that I’m a frequent visitor here to the island but I’ve never ever had a bill like that before. It’s driving tourists away from the island,” he said.

Additionally, the 79-year-old told SEARCHLIGHT that in Canada, he would have paid no more than 15 Canadian dollars for both meals.

He added that he asked to speak with the supervisor but was told no one was available.

“It’s more than ridiculous. I’ve never had an experience like this before. How can you expect tourists to come to an island like this and charge people like that? Its actually ripping the public off and it’s actually driving tourists away,” Morgan opined.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the bar, Human Resource Manager Jennifer Morris highlighted that because of Canouan’s remote location, the cost of living is higher than on mainland, St Vincent.

“We live on Canouan and things are not so easy to get here,” she said. “Cost of living is much higher than Kingstown for all of us”.

While the HR manager agreed that some persons may feel that the prices were expensive, she noted that they have the choice to not buy it as they are provided with menus that have the prices clearly itemized.

“Our food isn’t cheap. We’re a four star hotel, you get service along with the food,” she said.

In addition, she assured that the establishment, which has been around for approximately two decades has and continues to receive good reviews from its customers. (BK)