Brigette ‘Joy-C’ Creese in Trinidad and Tobago’s Top 40 for 2013
November 5, 2013
Brigette ‘Joy-C’ Creese in Trinidad and Tobago’s Top 40 for 2013

A calypso by one of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ leading calypsonians has been chosen among the Top 40 hits in Trinidad and Tobago for 2013.{{more}}

A news item in the Trinidad Guardian of November 1 lists the song “Implementation a Must”, by three-time national calypso monarch and three-time queen of calypso, Brigette Creese, who sings under the name Joy-C, as among the best 40 songs in the twin-island republic this year.

The selection was made by the National Action Cultural Committee, organisers of the annual Young Kings and Veterans Calypso competitions in T&T. Joy C is in distinguished company, alongside other selectees of the likes of Chalkdust, Superblue, Machel Montano, Iwer George, Sugar Aloes, David Rudder, Brother Valentino and 2013 Calypso Monarch in T&T, Pink Panther, all of whom had songs selected in the Top 40. She has good female company too, alongside Singing Sandra, Destra Garcia and Karene Asche, among others.

From the field of 40, a panel of judges will select the Top 20 to be honoured on January 11 next year at the 26th Annual Top 20 calypso Stars of Gold and Calypso of the Year Awards ceremony at the Cascadia Hotel. The Top 20 Awards are awards of distinction and represent the pinnacle of achievement for excellence in the field of calypso.