November 1, 2013

Additional National Heroes to be named shortly – PM

Vincentians have another few months to wait before additional national heroes are named.{{more}}

The anticipated announcement of this country’s newest national heroes by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, during his annual Independence address at the Victoria Park did not materialize, but Vincentians have been assured that an announcement would be made soon.

“Some time in the next few months, I expect that the National Heroes Advisory Committee will present its report for Cabinet’s consideration for a subsequent appointment by the Governor General of the nominated person or persons to the order of National Hero.

“Eleven years ago the Right Excellent Joseph Chatoyer, chief of the Garifuna people was appointed as our first, and thus far only national hero.

“There is now a consensus that other extraordinary and deserving of our deceased compatriots ought to be placed in that esteem pantheon,” Gonsalves said during his address.

Rene Baptiste, chair of the National Heroes Advisory Committee told SEARCHLIGHT, in April this year, that it was the hope of the committee to have the name or names announced by October this year.

Baptiste had indicated that the selection process had been going smoothly, and had been accompanied by a series of lectures and discussions taking place here and in the diaspora on the potential nominees.

Some of these submissions include Robert Milton Cato, E.T. Joshua, George McIntosh, Dr J.P. Eustace, Hugh Mulzac, Elma Francois and Bertha Mutt.

Apart from Baptiste, the committee also comprises Curtis King, Aubrey Burgin, John Horne, Hans King, Monty Maule and Edgar Adams.

Chatoyer was declared national hero on March 14, 2002, 207 years after his death.