NCTI to host SVG’s first Grammy awardee
October 25, 2013

NCTI to host SVG’s first Grammy awardee

The first ever Vincentian Grammy award winner Ray Williams is expected to deliver a presentation here soon.{{more}}

It is expected that Williams, who will be hosted by the National Centre of Technological Innovation Incorporated (NCTI), will visit the state on October 30, Director of Special Projects, Dr Jerrol Thompson said.

“Ray Williams is not a song writer or singer, he won a Grammy for the use of ICT in sound recording,” Thompson explained.

“And he will be in St Vincent October 30,” he continued.

Toronto based Williams was recognised at the 54th Grammy Awards with a Technical award for his work on the advancement of Melodyne software – which provides software tools which is widely used in recording studios to refine vocal performances to a level of perfection that was not previously possible.

He is a member of the German based Celemony Software company which specializes in digital audio pitch correction software. (DD)