Golden Girls pampered for  free at Suzanne’s Hair studio
October 25, 2013

Golden Girls pampered for free at Suzanne’s Hair studio

Suzanne’s Hair Studio was bursting with excitement on Wednesday, when the business hosted its annual Senior Citizens’ Day.{{more}}

The golden girls of St Vincent and the Grenadines filed into the studio one by one, to take advantage of the free services that were being offered, which included shampooing, relaxing, hair treatments and pedicures.

On arrival at the studio, SEARCHLIGHT was greeted by the designated comedian of the day, Gertrude Solomon. It was evident that the Questelles resident was indeed the life of the party.

“I’m putting in a weave,” she told SEARCHLIGHT, jokingly.

As a regular at the event, Solomon revealed that she attends not only to have her hair done, but to enjoy the camaraderie as well.

“It is very relaxing for us that at our age, we can come meet one another and have that close relationship with each other at Suzanne’s. It’s not just coming to get our hair done but we always have that good relationship, meeting friends that we haven’t seen for a very long time,” the jovial woman said.

90-year-old Majorie Jackson also expressed a fondness for the time she spends at the salon.

“[I enjoy] the amusement, the fun and games,” she said, while pointing to Solomon, who she described as entertaining.

“It’s fun being around people my age and listening to everybody talk.

With a carefree attitude, Jackson told SEARCHLIGHT that Suzanne could do anything she wanted with her (Jackson’s) hair and that she also wanted to have her nails done.

When SEARCHLIGHT was at the studio, no men were in attendance. However, proprietor Suzanne Goodluck hoped to see one faithful customer.

“He has been a faithful forever. He has always been the lone ranger. Mr Philmore Morris and if he doesn’t come today, we’re going to miss him,” she said.

Although mostly women participate in the event, Goodluck hopes to see more males attending in the future.

Even after 13 years, the hairstylist is still able to successfully host the event and sees it developing in the years to come.

“It would be a good thing if more salons could get together and do it probably on this same day. It’s me who should probably go around and ask if they wish to join in because it’s giving back to their seniors,” Goodluck said.

“I think that will be good because we have way more seniors than we are able to do. We can find a larger place and several other hair dressers come in and we can have one big area and everybody just come together and we just all work in unity and do that for the entire day. That’s probably even better because we would have everybody in one space. I think that will be great”.

Goodluck feels that it is important to give back, especially since the senior citizens paved the way for the younger generations.

Although she works independently and is no longer an employee at Suzanne’s Hair Studio, Paula Myers dedicated part of Wednesday to helping out at the event.

“It’s senior citizen’s day,” she declared.

“I just came over to pamper them…just a little service that I’m rendering. Even though I no longer work here, we’re still like family”.(BK)