Searchlight makes donation to Argyle airport
October 18, 2013

Searchlight makes donation to Argyle airport

Despite difficult economic times, Interactive Media Ltd (IML), publishers of SEARCHLIGHT Weekend and Midweek, this week made a financial contribution towards the construction of the Argyle International Airport.{{more}}

Chairman of the Board of Directors of IML, Corletha Ollivierre, on Tuesday presented a cheque for EC$5,000 to Governor General, Sir Frederick Nathaniel Ballantyne, at a short ceremony at Government House.

Sir Frederick, who commended IML for taking the initiative, said he hopes the donation serves as an impetus for other business organizations to make contributions, no matter how small, to the airport.

“Everybody in St Vincent knows what a difficult economic climate we facing today and … all businesses are struggling just to survive. And to find funds just to make donations, I know it’s very, very difficult. So the amount you give is very much appreciated,” he stated.

Ollivierre said it is the company’s pleasure to make the donation, as the construction of the Argyle International airport serves as a significant development for the nation.

She explained that the company sees itself not only as a business that takes from the population, but also a business that contributes significantly to the population.

“We provide employment and we are now contributing to the developmental work on a wider scale. We know that the international airport is a significant project.

“It is a major project and it is taking a lot of resources, which we have to be paying for on an ongoing basis, but it is important in terms of the long term development of St Vincent and the Grenadines. And as good corporate citizens, we at Interactive Media see it as our obligation to be able to contribute in this way towards such a significant development project.”

Ollivierre also appealed for other individuals and businesses to continue donating towards the construction of the airport.

“It is our pleasure to make that kind of contribution and we hope that at some future time, maybe, we will be able to donate again. But also, in terms of other persons who have been given the opportunity to do so, that they will continue to come forward and do so.

“This project is not just for Vincentians, it is developmental and it’s placing us in a position where we can use the facility as a stepping board in order to expand our developmental process,” Ollivierre stated.

Godfrey Pitt, President of the Friends of the Argyle International Airport – USA also donated US$15,000 on behalf of his organization at Tuesday’s ceremony. (AA)