Airport to be 2014 Christmas gift – Richardson
October 18, 2013

Airport to be 2014 Christmas gift – Richardson

Communications Officer of the International Airport Development Company (IADC) Jennifer Richardson says the aim of the company is to have the Argyle international airport operational in time for Christmas 2014.{{more}}

“Work is ongoing and it is going really well,” Richardson told the media on Tuesday, during a handing over ceremony at Government House.

“We are hoping to have all of our work completed by July-August next year and we are working towards the end of 2014. So hopefully, barring any unforeseen circumstance or circumstances, we are working towards having the airport up operational, and hopefully, we can hand it over as a Christmas gift and persons coming home for Christmas can come through the Argyle international airport.”

Currently, the airport’s terminal building is “almost completed”, according to Richardson.

She also said that the Overseas Engineering and Construction Company (OECC), the company that was contracted to build the terminal, is planning to hand over the building for December, 28, 2013.

“We are a long way ahead. We are closer today than we were yesterday, with the completion of the international airport.”

Regarding earth and site works, Richardson said excavation work continues.

She further noted that the sea defences located on the north eastern end of the runway are also advancing.

“Work has started and they are quite advanced with that. We have also started laying the base on the runway itself, of the first and second kilometres, in preparation for the actual pavement work,” she disclosed.

“The asphalt plant has arrived. The only thing that is keeping us back right now is the concrete batching plant. And the last I heard is that it was being placed in containers in preparation to be shipped. So, it is on its way here. By November, we should have both plants up and running and we should be able to start the actual pavement works,” Richardson added.

The Communications officer said the heads of the runway on the northern and southern sides of the facility will be paved with hydraulic concrete, while the rest of the runway will be paved with asphalt concrete.

“The apron area is a huge area, because we have three inter-connecting aprons: the commercial apron, the general aviation and the cargo apron. That area is being paved with hydraulic concrete as well…

“A lot of work is being done and soon we will see work starting on the control tower, as well as the aircraft rescue and fire station.

“We have a lot of work left to be done, but we have done so much more than we have left to be done,” Richardson said.(AA)