Livestock industry gets another boost
October 4, 2013

Livestock industry gets another boost

The livestock industry this week received a financial boost of EC$250,000, following the purchase of 120 head of cattle by Grenadian Jude Jack.{{more}}

The animals are expected to be exported to Grenada on Monday, as part of the ongoing cattle trade between the two islands.

Jack, a wholesale purchaser of animals, arrived on island on Tuesday.

He told SEARCHLIGHT this is his third visit to the island for the year to purchase livestock.

“The meat that we get from St Vincent is the best we’ve experienced, compared to the rest of the region,” Jack stated.

“The people back home, they like the texture of the meat, the taste and the quality.”

During his last two visits, Jack said he purchased 90 head of cattle on each occasion.

He, however, explained that the head count has increased because of the demand for meat by Grenadians for the upcoming Christmas season.

Next week’s export will bring to 300 the total export of cattle to Grenada for the year.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar told SEARCHLIGHT that the Government, in February of this year, took the policy position to increase the export of cattle through a well structured and regulated system, with the veterinary division having oversight of the programme.

According to Caesar, this is the revival of the trade of livestock in SVG, which has been dormant for about two decades.

He also encourages cattle farmers to work more closely with the livestock officers within the ministry of agriculture to increase cattle productivity.

“The impact of quarter million to the farmers in one week should not be understated,” he observed.

The agriculture minister also disclosed that he is in discussion with both the governments of New Zealand and Argentina in relation to technical assistance in cattle production.

This country has also received a request from St Lucia to open the opportunity for trade in cattle from SVG to that country, before end of this year.

The cattle sector in St Vincent and the Grenadines comprises mainly Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jamaican Red Poll and Nelthrop breeds and their crosses. (AA)