JEMS build home for elderly woman
October 4, 2013

JEMS build home for elderly woman

A group of Vincentians living in New York recently constructed a dwelling place for an elderly woman in St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

JEMS: Hope for Home, as the group is called, came to the aid of a needy woman in the North Leeward area of the country, after becoming aware of her dire living, social and health circumstances. Over EC$7,000 was raised and used to help the beneficiary to get a new home, transforming her social conditions dramatically.

JEMS, which has been in existence for two years now in New York, has been previously involved in providing food packages to 61 families in North Windward, 25 families in West St George, other families in the Northern Grenadine island of Bequia and two community clinics – Stubbs and Enhams – in the East St George area, from which a number of its members hail.

Headed by president Carol Simmons, JEMS holds annual barbecues and bus rides and this year added a boat ride, from which it raises funds, which are then used for humanitarian projects at home in St Vincent and the Grenadines. JEMS sees their efforts as an opportunity for them to give back to their country and are happy they can help their fellowmen at home.

Local liaison officer for JEMS, Anesia Baptiste, expressed happiness at the fact that JEMS’ hard work has provided a safe and comfortable place of abode to the elderly woman, whose conditions were previously deplorable and joins with JEMS in thanking all local volunteers who worked on the project.