October 1, 2013

Work resumes at registry office after green light from BRAGSA

It was back to business as usual yesterday, at the registry office which is housed on the ground floor of the Parliament building in Kingstown.{{more}}

This, after staff was forced to evacuate a section of the building last Thursday, after water began seeping through the floor in the upper chamber, where parliamentary sessions are held.

Tamara Gibson-Marks, registrar at the High Court, explained that some members of staff observed water seeping through from upstairs.

She said that because the water was making its way on to the light fixtures and other electrical equipment, the staff was forced to leave early.

On their return last Friday, however, Marks explained that there was a stench and again because of the possible risk of water getting into the electrical equipment, the office was closed to members of the general public.

“For safety reasons we had to close it,” Marks said, adding that this was done until the relevant authorities arrived. A team from BRAGSA (Roads, Bridges and General Services Authority) inspected the area she said.

She, however, noted that the staff has already been notified that the building where they are expected to be housed soon is ready.

According to the registrar, the moving process to the building which formerly housed the Halifax Street branch of the National Commercial Bank (NCB) should commence sometime this week.(DD)