Two H’s and two E’s – Dr Ferdinand’s priorities
October 1, 2013

Two H’s and two E’s – Dr Ferdinand’s priorities

Health and housing, education and employment are the four areas of priority identified by Dr Julian “Jules” Ferdinand, the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for West St George in the next general elections.{{more}}

He referred to them as the “two H’s and the two E’s.”

Speaking at an NDP rally Saturday, Ferdinand said that he had gone around the constituency and had seen and heard the problems that exist.

“Health and housing are the two H’s I will focus on, and the two E’s – education and employment and so this is why I am happy to be on the side of the New Democratic Party and Arnhim Eustace.

“When you listen to the Social and Spiritual Redemption Charter and you listen to Eustace talk about having one person employed in each household, that is the direction to go, so that we have people there with some dignity,” he explained.

“It is not dignity when we encourage our people to beg, it is not dignity when we encourage people to come sign up for poor relief; it is not dignity but we will change that,” Ferdinand said.

He focused in on the issue of health, and referred to an article which had appeared in the local press about a young woman conducting research in Chateaubelair. The introduction, however, according to Ferdinand, dealt with the issue of diabetes in Barbados and the number of amputees there.

He continued, saying that the issue of diabetes was one, which affected the region.

“But what does all of this mean for the people of West St George?” he questioned.

“As I go around, I met the amputees, people who have lost hope and I am saying that we are going beyond politics – we are not playing politics with this.

“We are saying that we must stop this talking about the things we think people want to hear, but to put plans in place to make positive change and so I throw out a challenge to you tonight.”

Ferdinand produced a bag of limes, saying that he picked them from a 30-year-old tree in his yard.

He further explained that his children all started their own bank accounts from money earned from picking the limes and selling them.

“This is not something that I am doing just now,” he said.

While heading the Eastern Caribbean Group of Companies, Ferdinand said that he regularly set seeds and gave plants away to some employees back then.

“We are bringing this down to health, bringing this to money to employment.”

Ferdinand said that he is encouraging the growth of plants such as limes, because people, especially children, are consuming too much sugar.

“And I plead with them that you cut back on the amount of sugar you putting in the drink; the children want the sweet, but it’s not good, so let’s cut back,” Ferdinand said. (DD)