September 24, 2013

Spoony elects new executive

A new executive has been elected to manage the affairs of the St Vincent Progressive Organisation of New York (spoony).{{more}}

The election took place at the Annual General Meeting of the organization on Sunday, September 15, in Brooklyn New York.

The new executive comprises: Doug Howard – president; Victor Dabreo – vice president; Marilyn Caesar – secretary; Laverne Williams – assistant secretary; Hermus Scombo John – treasurer; Bernard Wyllie – P.R.O; Lennox Daniel, Vincent Bacchus and Monty Harry commitee members.

According to a release, the meeting was well attended and received the overall report from the outgoing president Vincent Bacchus, who did not seek re-election. He pledged his ongoing support for the new executive, whom he described as able and committed. Incoming president Doug Howard said he was willing to cooperate with any person or organisation who had the interest of Vincentians at home and abroad at heart. He said that while some changes can be expected in the modus operandi of the organisation, work in progress which was started by the outgoing executive will be completed; these included membership revitalization, linkages with SVG home based organisations, and assistance to charitable organizations and individual needy cases.

During the past year Spoony made contributions to the MCMH (Milton Cato Memorial Hospital) and constituency based organizations. They also hosted delegations visiting the diaspora from St Vincent and the Grenadines. In November 2011, former parliamentarian Jeremiah Scott was appointed Spoony liaison officer, with responsibility for promoting contact and dialogue between local organizations and Spoony.