Youth now have better knowledge of fisheries sector
September 13, 2013

Youth now have better knowledge of fisheries sector

The young people who participated in the 2013 Fisheries Summer Programme should now have a better appreciation for the sector.{{more}}

Sixty participants graduated on August 29 from the programme, which was designed in an effort to motivate them to become entrepreneurs and investors in the fisheries sector.

Coordinator of the programme Roxanne Pompey told SEARCHLIGHT that the participants gained a lot of knowledge and skills by being a part of the activities.

Pompey noted that the programme was not limited to a classroom setting, but included various hands on activities, such as line fishing, soaking and drying fish and visiting various places of interest including the Owia Fishing Complex and the Tobago Cays.

“When we did the evaluation…from what we gathered, most of them liked the product development part of the programme,” the coordinator said.

“They were taught…how to fillet and smoke fish. They enjoyed that activity because after they smoked the fish, they got to eat what they did”.

The programme, which was held under the slogan, “Knowledge of the Sea, Benefits You and Me” was geared toward educating participants about career opportunities in the fisheries sector, provide hands on training in navigation and safety, fishing gear and methods as well as to foster an appreciation for marine resources and reduce negative perceptions regarding the fisheries sector.

It also focused on five main topics which were Fisheries Science, Data Management, Fishing Gear and Methods, Quality and Product Development and Fisheries Management and Conservation.

“They learned a lot about the fisheries and that it’s not only about fishermen and going to sea. That’s what people think about the fishing industry. They would put it as just going out to sea, catch fish and come back to sell. So, they learned things that they would not have known,” Pompey said.

“They learned a lot about conserving marine resources. They also did little topics on the coastal areas…in terms of developments of certain industries and what it’s doing to our coastal areas”.

One of the focus areas of the Fisheries Division is to contribute as much as possible to the development of youths in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Pompey revealed that the division is already making strides to add more fun and educational activities to their summer programme in 2014.

“We got a lot of feedback,” she said. “Most of the students suggested that we do more activities so we have to look at ways where we can do more activities with them”.

The Fisheries Summer Programme began on July 22 and ended on August 9. (BK)