14-year-old publishes  personal growth book in fiction format
September 10, 2013

14-year-old publishes personal growth book in fiction format

There is no doubt that Warren Cassell Jr considers nature to be his best friend. Unlike most self-help books that share concepts in a monotonous manner, Cassell’s new book, “The Farm of Wisdom: 25 Unforgettable Tales that Will Ignite a Wiser You!” (ISBN 978-1619332959) shares life’s critical lessons in a collection of 25 memorable stories.{{more}}

As Cassell sees it, the detailed movement of nature is no mistake. While landscapes, animals and plants beautify the world around us, nature offers much more than its breathtaking views. Cassell says; “Despite formal schooling, life’s critical lessons can be learnt on the farm.”

With the help of curious, clumsy and talkative farm animals, The Farm of Wisdom shares thought-provoking conclusions at the end of every tale. Through the 25 stories in the 96-page book, Warren encourages readers to be more conscious of what nature is trying to tell us.

Not only does the secondary school student leave the world with provocative food for thought, but also pledges to plant a tree in a third world country for every copy of the book sold. “The planting of trees will help communities achieve their long-term environmental and economic sustainability,” says the budding entrepreneur.

Throughout this month, Cassell will be conducting an online campaign called “What Nature Can Teach Us”. He hopes to spread his message during the virtual tour. The “stops” of the tour include the following: two book giveaways on TheBridgeMaker.com on September 13, an interview on Random Writing Rants on September 20 and wisdom tales on Medium.com. The full schedule of the tour can be seen at http://wcjr.tk/tourcalendar

Warren Cassell Jr is a teenage entrepreneur with a business and investment portfolio ranging from media and finance to Internet and technology. He is a full-time secondary school student residing in Montserrat and currently holds a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Having worked with numerous clients and companies around the world, Warren can be called the living proof of the fact that anyone with a vision, determination and dedication can achieve great success.