Eustace: Too many people struggling
September 6, 2013

Eustace: Too many people struggling

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace claims that of the 15 years that he has been a member of parliament, this year has been the worst, in terms of people being able to get their children ready to return to school.{{more}}

On the New Times radio programme Monday, Eustace addressed the country’s economy and the inability of some people to send their children to school for the new school year.

“I…want to say to those who have not been able to go to school that I hope things work out, because there are a number of people who were not able and not in a position to provide for their children in a way they should,” he said.

The parliamentarian stated that already, persons have come to him seeking help to purchase their children’s school uniforms.

He also stated that parents with students, even at the tertiary level, have shared with him their inability to provide their children with the proper materials to attend school on Monday, and as a result, their child stayed at home.

“Too many people are struggling. I looked at that lady who was in my office this morning. You could see almost desperation, because she is concerned that her child should have gone to the Community College this morning,” Eustace said.

“I have said already publicly…that in the 15 years I have been in parliament, this is the worst year in terms of people’s needs for school supplies. Obviously, incomes are going down…prices are going up and they are not able to supply for their children in a way they used to and it really is heart-rending to deal with some of the cases”.

Eustace stated that while he is not claiming that nothing is being done, measures must be put in place to improve things in the case where people cannot afford to buy the necessities for school.

“We must do better in that area than we are presently doing,” he said.

“If people cannot, … find the basics to even buy a uniform to send their children to school to participate in what you call the revolution, what are we doing?”

Most schools around the country officially reopened after the summer vacation on Monday, September 2.