Be careful with the choices you make – Chief Petty Officer Vinton John
September 6, 2013

Be careful with the choices you make – Chief Petty Officer Vinton John

Chief Petty Officer Vinton John has urged young people to choose wisely the minibuses in which they travel.{{more}}

John, an officer of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force Coastguard, was at the time addressing the closing ceremony of the SVG Coastguard Youth Development Summer Programme at Calliaqua on August 31.

“People, you have one life to live. If you wreck your life now, that’s it. You can’t allow people who don’t care if Good Friday falls on a Sunday,” he told the 149 youngsters who participated in the summer programme.

John was referring to a vehicular accident that occurred the day before, August 30, along the Villa main road, which resulted in one person sustaining broken bones about his body.

The accident took place on the corner before the Aquatic Club in the Villa area, around 2:35 p.m., and involved minibus H119 travelling towards Calliaqua and minibus HD 843, heading towards Kingstown.

“You have guys, some duncy head, ignorant, stupid people, fooling people like you. You make yourself foolish like them,” John said.

“Why you in a van laughing and somebody trying to overtake two and three vehicles and you inside? Instead you tell them stop, you encouraging it.

“One life you have to live. Be careful with the choices you make. You might make the wrong choice and you end up a vegetable for the rest of your life,” John advised. (KW)