Counselling in place to help Humphrey boys  overcome mother’s death
September 3, 2013

Counselling in place to help Humphrey boys overcome mother’s death

Less than two weeks after witnessing the gruesome killing of their mother, brothers Jaheem and Rommel Humphrey returned to school yesterday, for the beginning of the school year.{{more}}

The boys are both pupils of the New Grounds Primary School.

Jaheem is entering grade five, and Rommel, grade one.

Jaheem, nine years old, five-year-old Rommel and their 11-month-old brother Romain saw their mother, Amy-Ann Tittle die before their eyes, after she received a chop to the back of her neck.

The incident took place on August 24 around 7:30 a.m. in Chapmans’ village.

The children’s father, Insan Humphrey has been charged with murder, and will return to court today, when a date for the preliminary inquiry into the matter will be set.

Gracel Durant, the children’s grandmother, told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that the boys left for school yesterday morning in a “happy mood.”

She said since the incident, she has been trying her best to help the children overcome the tragedy.

Durant also noted that support has been received from counsellors at the New Grounds Primary School, who visited the children last Thursday.

“The two counsellors from the school passed by my home last Thursday and spoke with me and the children…

“So, they are getting the assistance from the counsellors in school and I am doing my best as well at home,” Durant said.

In the interview, which was conducted by phone, the boys younger brother, 11-month-old Romain Humphrey could be heard in the background making noises.

Romain and his brothers now reside with their grandmother.

“He (Romain) too is coming along good since the incident. He is still fussy at times, but most times he is joyful and playing with his other siblings,” Durant disclosed.

As for Durant, she too has been finding ways to cope with the loss of her second child.

“Sometimes, when I remember what happened, I usually read or hum songs to occupy my thoughts,” she explained.

Senior education officer in the Ministry of Education Elizabeth Walker disclosed that the ministry held discussions concerning the matter and preparations for counselling service were put in place for the boys.

Walker explained that in the event of situations such as the Humphreys, the Ministry contacts the family and puts the necessary assistance in place.

“There are counsellors at the schools. However, if there is no counsellor in the immediate environment, we ask persons closest to the school to provide the support,” Walker said.

The New Ground Primary School has two counsellors on staff.

The first counselling session was held at school yesterday.

Walker said that the school’s headteacher informed her that the first session “went well.”

Amy-Ann Tittle’s body will be laid to rest on Saturday. The funeral service will be held at the New Testament Church of God in Chapmans with burial at the Chapmans cemetery. (AA)