August 30, 2013

Urban Expression Theatre Company Community Tour 2013

The Urban Expression Theatre Company will embark on its first ever community drama tour to several rural communities, throughout mainland St Vincent, this weekend.{{more}}

During the tour, the theatre company will present “Haunted”, a play written and directed by David Darky Williams. The tour will include a cast and crew of 25.

The tour will begin tomorrow, August 31 at the Learning Resource Centre in Sandy Bay. On September 14, the stage of the newly refurbished community centre in Rose Hall will come alive with creativity and drama. The tour will continue in Barrouallie on September 28, and then to Questelles on August 5. The curtains will come down on the tour October 26 and 27 at the Peace Memorial Hall, at 7.30 p.m.

The tour will take the form of a performing arts show, which will also see the host group and/or individuals from the communities performing.

“One objective of the tour is to influence the start of drama groups, which will commence after a six-point training workshop in drama,” a release from the theatre company said.

The shows comprises performances from Urban Expression members, members of the host group and other specially selected guest performers, who will present folk songs and drumming, dance and songs, skits, monologues and the showcasing of the best talent from within SVG.

Each presentation is scheduled to last two hours.

The Urban Expression Theatre company has presented plays in the National Theatre Arts Festival since 2007 and has won dramatic awards in many categories.

Objective of the Urban Expression Theatre Company

o To harness and share the talent, energy and creativity of youths, hence promoting our nation’s cultural expressions and heritage, geared towards nation building.

Mission of the Urban Expression Theatre Company

o To be the premier theatre arts group in St Vincent and the Grenadines, creating an opportunity for persons with a creative imagination to grow and develop through this positive avenue.