GECCU’s scholarship, bursary awardees told to follow dreams
August 30, 2013

GECCU’s scholarship, bursary awardees told to follow dreams

The more than 100 beneficiaries of the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union’s (GECCU) 11th annual scholarship programme have been advised to follow their dreams.{{more}}

Eleven students were awarded scholarships, an increase from seven in previous years, while 101 students received bursaries of $100 each.

An awards ceremony was held on Tuesday at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall.

Scholarships were presented to Kelcey Allen, Jordan Joseph, Tia Jackson, Ashleigh Scott, Chave Mc Intosh, Phildon Charles, Cimalon Hamilton, Andray Nichols, Dimelon Francis, Ethan Myers and Radelle Grant.

When the students are in forms one to three, they will receive $1,400 each year, and from form four to the Community College years, they will receive $1,600 a year.

GECCU’s scholarship winner of 2000, Kimberly Cambridge, was the ceremony’s motivational speaker.

“I want to encourage you young people to think outside of the box.

“Dream bigger,” she advised.

Cambridge implored the students not to be pigeon – holed into doing something that everyone else is doing, as they are all given a specific talent by God and a purpose to fulfill.

“Your dream may be to become an aeronautical engineer or a clinical psychologist to help the mentally distressed of the community, whatever it may be. But don’t limit yourself.

“Your future starts now. You may be young, but you have already proven yourself gifted.

“Do not waste that gift,” she further stated.

Chairperson of the scholarship committee, Dr Mineva Glasgow, in congratulating the awardees, told them that the scholarships will open doors for their academic careers, but they too will need to play their part.

“I implore you therefore, to keep reaching for the stars. You have only just begun…

“Like an eagle, you must soar to inimitable heights and realize your full potential. Earn your skills and learn as much as you can during your tenure at school.

“I wish that you continue to train your minds to build a successful secondary career and make GECCU and your parents proud,” Dr Glasgow said.

GECCU’s president, Clarence Harry, encouraged the students to make good use of the scholarships.

Harry also advised them to remain focussed and continue working hard on their academic development.

“Your journey has just began. You did well for Common Entrance, but don’t stop there. The road is going to be a challenging one, but I know you can make it…

“Let no one, and I mean no one, distract you from pursuing your dreams. Stay focussed. Balance activities. Work hard. Do not get sidetracked by the elements that are out there,” he said.

“Balance your studies between school work and have some fun, but don’t ever believe that it is going to be an easy road,” Harry added.(AA)