SVGTCC urges scholarship and bursary recipients to focus on higher education
August 27, 2013

SVGTCC urges scholarship and bursary recipients to focus on higher education

Recipients of scholarships and bursaries from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Corporative Credit Union (SVGTCCU) have been urged to focus on the ultimate goal of higher education.{{more}}

Approximately 34 students and their parents gathered at Frenches House on Monday, to receive their scholarships and bursaries from the credit union.

Instead of two scholarships, three scholarships were awarded this year, in honour of the organization’s 35th anniversary.

Chief executive officer of the SVGTCCU Julian Jack told students that the world is a competitive one, as more and more individuals are striving to achieve higher learning.

“This is a competitive world. This is a world where people have to strive to be the best or do their best and in that way, they can find themselves rising and continue to rise to higher heights,” he said.

He stated that it is for this reason that the SVGTCCU has always seen it fit to award scholarships to children of members of the union.

To the parents present at the ceremony, Jack stated that, like teachers, they “have a fundamental role to play in the moulding” of their children’s minds.

In his address, Dwight Lewis, the president of the Board of Directors, stated that the general understanding among parents and students is to do well academically.

Lewis stated that the foundation of the students’ education has already been laid and that they should always strive to achieve the best results possible.

“From the time you enter secondary school, you have to start working from form one, because that foundation will be critical for your overall development,” Lewis said.

“You have to strive to do very well. You have to be focused on entry and you have to maintain that focus throughout your secondary school career and beyond”.

The president also noted that more females were awarded with scholarships and bursaries than males.

“I’ve always been very concerned about the plight of our males in the community and society in general,” he said. “We have to save our boys. We can no longer take it for granted that it’s okay to leave the boys on their own and look and monitor the girls. We have to monitor both males and females at this stage”.

Areanna St Luce and Linron John were the scholarship recipients. Chaconia Lucas of Bequia was awarded the 35th Anniversay scholarship.

Lucas thanked the credit union on behalf of the students, for awarding them with scholarships and bursaries.

On behalf of the parents, Marilyn St Luce also thanked SVGTCCU for their aid, especially since it will help to ease the financial burden in these hard economic times.(BK)