Director of FIU refuses to declare hand about future in politics
August 27, 2013

Director of FIU refuses to declare hand about future in politics

If Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Grenville Williams is considering throwing his hat into the political ring, he is not ready to declare his hand.{{more}}

At a press conference announcing the launch of an FIU sponsored poster competition for secondary schools, Williams sidestepped a question about his future as a candidate for the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in the next general elections.

Asked by a reporter if he was considering replacing Senator David Browne as the ULP candidate for South Leeward, Williams indicated that the press conference was not the time or place for political discussions.

“The focus of this press conference is on the poster competition and the Financial Intelligence Unit,” Williams stated.

“I appear in this press conference as the director of the Financial Intelligence Unit and as such, the organization is one which is independent and autonomous, and ought not to be influenced by any politics, whether of the country or of my own politics.

“In the circumstances, I am focusing on the poster competition, encouraging young persons to get involved, showcase their talent, send a message to persons that they understand that crime does not pay.”

David Browne, Elvis Charles and Dr Douglas Slater step down as senators for the government at the end of this month. Speculations have been wild as to who would replace them on the government benches, as well as candidates at the next elections, constitutionally due by March 2016.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said the new government senators would be named by the end of this month. Slater gave way for Brown to contest the South Leeward seat for the ULP in 2010, while Charles contested the ULP ticket in Central Kingstown in 2010. (JJ)