Teenager electrocuted while playing at home
August 23, 2013

Teenager electrocuted while playing at home

A young resident of Redemption Sharpes was electrocuted on Thursday afternoon at his home, while playing marbles.{{more}}

Family members say 13-year-old Danroy John was behind the house in an area called One Hundred Steps, Trigger Ridge when the incident occurred.

When SEARCHLIGHT arrived on scene, Leon Joseph, the boy’s father, was being consoled by friends as shivers racked the grieving man’s body.

The father told SEARCHLIGHT that he was unsure of what caused his son’s death but suggested that an electrical fault might be the reason.

Joseph indicated that the boy’s grandmother, Vilda discovered John lying to the back of the house, after the family had been looking for him.

When he went to investigate, Joseph said he felt current running through his son’s body. He then grabbed a piece of stick and put it between the steel and the ground wire his son was laying next to.

“I lift him up and drag him…and feel his pulse,” the father said, as he burst into tears.

John was a student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, and was set to enter form two at the beginning of the upcoming school term.

He is remembered by his neighbours as a happy child who always liked making jokes and playing marbles.

Police are investigating the matter.