The school is not  the problem, the  students are – Cato
August 20, 2013

The school is not the problem, the students are – Cato

An outstanding graduate of the Georgetown Secondary School would like those who have negative thoughts of her alma mater to know that the school is not the problem, the students are.{{more}}

Alricia Cato, who obtained passes in all of the nine subjects that she wrote at the CSEC level this year, says “If students are well behaved and do well, the picture of the school will look good; but if students are out of control and do bad – what do we expect?”

In 2008, the daughter of Alrick Cato and Suzette Phillips sat the Common Entrance Examination and hoped to follow in her sister’s footsteps and attend the Girls’ High School.

However, Cato’s results did not earn her a place at the all girls institution, and she was placed at the Georgetown Secondary School.

Although the New Chapmans resident was unhappy with the decision, she took her mother’s words into consideration: “Alricia, your school may be limited in certain things, but you have to work with what you have, to get what you want, because at the end of the five years, CXC does not prepare a special exam for Girls’ High. It is the same exam throughout the Caribbean, so you have to know what you want and maintain your focus to achieve it”.

This year, Cato, who is described as a quiet and calculated individual, obtained passes in all of the nine subjects that she wrote at CSEC level. These passes include two grade ones, four grade twos and three grade threes.

At graduation, the teenager gained awards in six subject areas including English A, English B, Integrated Science, Electronic Document Preparation Management (EDPM), Office Administration and Geography. Cato also walked away with the 2013 award for Academic Excellence.

In relation to her achievements, Cato is both elated and humbled.

Furthermore, she thanks the many persons who have facilitated her success.

“I give thanks to God…thanks to my parents for being a tower of strength for me, especially my mom who stood by me like a rock at all times,” Cato said.

“To my only sibling, Altricia, who assisted me with my Geography SBA project and made me revisit my map work over and over until they were spotless”. She also thanked her sister for assisting her with Mathematics.

Cato also thanked her teachers, especially Ms Rogers, for their patience, guidance and teaching.

“To my fellow students, we may go separate ways because of difference in choices, but whatever we do, we must always try to maintain our focus to carry us through this world, which is well in its advanced stage,” she said.

Although Cato will be attending the Community College, Division of Arts, Sciences and General Studies in September, her heart is set on attending the Division of Nursing when she is older and then to further her studies in the field of radiology or radiography.

Cato is of the view that teachers, parents and students work together to create the good image for the Georgetown Secondary School because, just like other secondary institutions, it can break records too.