Public given information on how to assess risk profile
August 13, 2013

Public given information on how to assess risk profile

Members of the public received information and guidance for investing when they attended a First Citizens Investment Services Seminar entitled; “How to Assess Your Risk Profile” on August 8.{{more}}

The seminar was the third in a five-part series entitled “How To”.

Members of the public who attended the evening session benefited from the expert information presented by Norlann Gabriel, country manager at the St Vincent & the Grenadines office.

Some of the topics discussed included: Risk Profile Analysis: What is it; the Importance of Determining Risk Profile for Individuals and Companies; Factors affecting Risk Profile; Estimating Financial Risk Taking Capacity; Applying Risk Profile Analysis to Investment Decision Making; and Your Risk Adjusted Investment Portfolio.

A release from First Citizens Investment Services said feedback from participants was very encouraging, as most persons left the seminar feeling that they had learnt something new and educational and were ready for the next one.

For its part, First Citizens Investment Services continues to pledge commitment to the education of current and potential investors, so as to develop a well informed market.