Participants of  National Parks  summer programme urged to live  better lifestyles
August 13, 2013

Participants of National Parks summer programme urged to live better lifestyles

Children who attended the second annual National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority summer programme were encouraged to live better lifestyles and be environmentally friendly.{{more}}

The programme, which was held in collaboration with the Layou Tourism and Heritage Organization, was held under the theme, “Healthy Lifestyle, A Better You, A Healthier Environment”.

At the closing ceremony, director of National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority Andrew Wilson reminded participants of the objective of the programme of which they were a part.

“Throughout the first and second year, we have actually maintained a core set of objectives which tells you, in a very clear way, the purpose, the intention and goals of this particular programme,” he said.

Wilson also stated that the theme conveys the essence of the summer programme.

“Essentially, through the programme, the intention is to highlight and develop an understanding among the participants of the linkages and benefits of parks and protected areas, historical heritage, the conservation of the environment through life and livelihoods so that there can be that appreciation value for such resources,” he said.

In addition, he said that it is his hope that participants grow up with a full appreciation for the conservation of natural resources and heritage.

“I truly wish that you had a wonderful, enriching and enjoyable week. Moreover, that you will leave the summer programme better equipped with knowledge, the required attitudes and practices to positively influence your home environment, school and communities,” Wilson said.

The director also thanked parents for letting their children participate in the programme, as well as the facilitators of the activities.

Included in the week of activities were a trip to the Botanic Gardens, a lecture on biodiversity and arts and craft sessions.

Some students expressed their satisfaction with the programme.

Andrick Hazelwood told SEARCHLIGHT that he participated in the summer programme to learn how to keep his surroundings clean and that he liked making posters that were geared towards deterring persons from littering.

Layou resident Anika Joseph stated that she enjoyed the field trip to the Botanic Gardens most.

“It was good. It was an exciting programme and I learned more about the National Parks and the environment,” she said.

The summer programme was held from August 5 to 9. The closing ceremony took place at the Layou Petroglyph Park.(BK)