NTRC finds differences in rates of both LIME and Digicel
August 13, 2013

NTRC finds differences in rates of both LIME and Digicel

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) has found differences between the actual and advertised rates of both mobile providers.{{more}}

Apollo Knights, executive director of the NTRC, although not giving details, made this disclosure to SEARCHLIGHT in an interview yesterday.

Knights explained that following a letter sent to the NTRC by LIME requesting a review of the rates of their competitor Digicel, and that a test be done, the NTRC did their own tests on both networks, one week ago.

“We did do our investigations on Digicel rates, but we also did on LIME as well, because we didn’t want to just check one side… I mean you have one side complaining about Digicel, but if we are going to do a check, check both of them the same time.

“We did some work and we had some findings as of Friday (August 9). We responded to LIME as we promised them on Friday of our findings….

“There are some differences that exist on both networks. So, we had some differences on both LIME as well as Digicel.”

Knights said that he wrote to both companies asking them to explain the differences, pointing out that this was a more transparent manner.

“After we get that back, then we’ll make a decision on the matter,” he added.

“We don’t just want to say based on the allegations we found this or that… maybe there is a good reason why. You never know.

“Based on the regulatory way we operate, we always act in the manner where we have found something and we’ll give it to the stakeholders and they will review and come to a decision,” the head of the NTRC further noted.

Leslie Jack, LIME’s general manager, recently made an appeal for the Digicel rates to be reviewed.

Following the recent signing of the Mobile Termination Rate (MTR), LIME announced their one flat rate of 60 cents per minute for local and regional calls to same network, cross network and fixed line numbers.

Meanwhile, Digicel recently also announced its rate plan for 59 cents, where only Digicel to Digicel customers, local and regional, will benefit from this new offer. (AA)