Job well done by police – Gloja’s Trading
August 9, 2013

Job well done by police – Gloja’s Trading

Police officers were commended and awarded by the owners of Gloja’s Trading for a job well done.Proprietor of Gloja’s Trading Gloria Stapleton told SEARCHLIGHT that in the early hours of the morning on Monday this week, their security alarm for one of the storerooms went off.{{more}}

Stapleton, whose residence is adjacent to the establishment, said that she and her husband were skeptical about approaching the building at that time of night.

The businesswoman explained that a call was made to the Central Police Station at around 12:30 a.m. and officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) were on the scene in exceptional time.

“To the officers, we want to say thank you very much for their efficiency and their timely response,” the Kingstown Park resident said. “For being so prompt and efficient in their duties, we want to donate three mag flashlights to the CID, so that they can continue their duties to help others in this kind of situation.”

Although the alarm was not an indication of a break-in, Stapleton expressed her desire to commend the officers, as persons often ridicule them for not doing their jobs well.

“They got here within 10 minutes after calling them. In my opinion, when they got here, they did their job professionally. They approached the building in a professional way and we are really pleased.

“People are always saying that the police don’t come on time, but from my experience, I am really happy with their performance,” said Stapleton, who believes the police are of extreme importance. “As citizens, we still need the help of the police.”

The officers that responded to Stapleton’s call were PC 575 Richardson, PC 571 Nathan, PC 591 Robinson and PC 695 Cruickshank.

Gloja’s Trading, which is located in Kingstown Park, is a wholesale company that has been in existence for the past 19 years.