47 students granted scholarships,  bursaries from KCCU
August 9, 2013

47 students granted scholarships, bursaries from KCCU

Awardees of this year’s Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union (KCCU) scholarships and bursary awards have been advised to rise above situations in order to make it in life.{{more}}

Forty-seven students benefited from this year’s awards.

Gian-Paul Baker of the Kingstown Preparatory School; Delaan Nedd, St Mary’s Roman Catholic School; Wesonne George, CW Prescod and Maia Ross of the Calliaqua Anglican School were awarded the four scholarships at a ceremony held on Tuesday at the Methodist Church Hall.

The scholarships, which are valued at $11,000, will be given annually over a five-year period. Each student must also maintain a 75 per cent average.

Nicholi John of the Kingstown Preparatory School and Deany Gellizeau, Mary Hutchinson Primary School were, presented with bursaries, valued at $600.

Forty-one other students were awarded tokens valued $150 each.

One hundred dollars were given to the students and $50 deposited to accounts created for each child at the KCCU.

Terral Mapp was the motivational speaker at Tuesday’s ceremony.

“Today marks one step forward in your educational life and this generous gesture by the Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union (KCCU) shows that you have done well and your achievement has not been simply acknowledged, but greatly celebrated.

“Each of you has worked extremely hard throughout your primary school life and has succeeded at your first major examination. Your hard work was not in vain, because here you are today, being rewarded for your accomplishments,” he told the students.

Mapp, a former employee of the credit union commended the KCCU for undertaking the initiative.

“It is always a good feeling when someone appreciates your hard work and rewards you for it, and so, I take this opportunity to thank the management of KCCU once more for its continued support and generosity towards the young people of this blessed land. This goes a long way towards motivating them to keep on achieving and fighting for success.

“Times are hard and any help you can get will ease some of the burden from your parents’ pockets. School books are expensive; so too are uniforms and other school supplies, and I applaud institutions like KCCU that take the bold step to dig into their financial pockets and assist,” he added.

Growing up, Mapp shared with the audience, that he was strongly influenced by street activities.

He, however, stressed that through his thirst for education, his earlier experiences became a thing of the past as he was more focused on becoming the better person he is today.

In 2012, Mapp was the first male Vincentian to be awarded the Valedictorian honour at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

He also graduated with first class honours in Accounting and Economics.

“I am excited to be in the presence of so many young intelligent people. It brings me hope of a bright future. Just a look at all of you shows me that we have young people who are ready to take charge and have destinies to lead St Vincent and the Grenadines into a promising future. Some of you are going to become doctors, pilots, engineers–some of you are going to have a big office in the Financial Complex or maybe in the KCCU complex… some of you are going to become the next Lightning Bolt, the next Kobe Bryant or perhaps the next Skinny Fabulous (Di General), and so many of you are going to receive valedictory title and do a lot of speeches just like I am.

“But what I must say to you, at this very moment, is, as you leave here today and you enter the gates of secondary school, you enter a completely new world. You enter one of the most challenging, yet fascinating chapters of your lifetime, adolescence. During this chapter you will face many physical and emotional changes, as you begin to move towards independence and freedom – in search of your true identity and place of belonging. I want each of you to know that during this time, the decisions you make, the habits you form and the paths you choose are going to have life-long repercussions, but once you understand this, once you take the time out to comprehend this, you will be able to make the transition smoothly,” Mapp advised.

Meanwhile, KCCU’s president Jerome De Shong said the credit union places great value on education.

“You, the recipients of these scholarships, are living proof that the country’s future is in good hands. You are embarking on another phase of your educational journey. This phase is more challenging than the previous one. Therefore, it will require even more determination, effort and discipline than you showed while you were at primary school.”

De Shong also urged the recipients to take full advantage of the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

He, however, told them that it was up to them to make their lives a success.

“I know that your parents, guardians, families, teachers and KCCU will be there to support you every step of the way. It is my belief that our students are the best hope we have for our world’s future. None of us present here today knows what each of these students will eventually achieve, but we do know that they will use their education–the one they will earn, thanks to the KCCU scholarship – to be successful.”

The KCCU scholarship award program was established in 1995.

The first scholarship holder was Felix Bowman. (AA)